Soil Mender Potting Mix

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Soil Mender Potting Mixpeat-based formula

Available in 25 qt and 50 qt bags and in bulk.

Our Peat-Based Potting Soil isn’t ordinary. Its unique combination of natural ingredients provides readily accessible nutrients to your plants without special additives and fertilizers. It also holds together well when transplanting. Contains topsoil, peat moss, perlite, pecan & peanut shells, wormcastings, humate, and other special ingredients.


Potting Directions

1. Select a new container at least two sizes larger than the original one. Make sure it has drainage holes. Fill the container partially with Soil Mender Potting Mix.
2. To carefully remove the plant from its current container, gently tap the side of the container to loosen the soil. Turn the container on its side and slide the plant out, holding the root ball together.
3. Place the plant into the new container. Fill the remainder of the container with Soil Mender Potting Mix, leaving at least one half inch of space between the mix and the lip of the container. Be sure the plant is not planted too deep in the new mix. Water well to settle the soil.

Planting Directions

1. Prepare a hole that is 1/3 larger than the soil ball of the plant. Partially fill the hole with Soil Mender Potting Mix and native soil, so the plant will be level with the ground.
2. If the plant is in a container, carefully remove the plant from the container. Place the plant in the hole and begin filling the rest of the hole with Soil Mender Potting Mix and native soil. Add water around the plant as you fill the hole to prevent air pockets. After the soil settles, add more Soil Mender Potting Soil as needed.

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